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Choosing the right Web Designer

The internet can be very overwhelming with a large choice of web designers, making the right choice is crucial and here is the top 4 things which you should avoid.

Does the designer actually have clients you can connect with?

It’s all too easy for people to display testimonials on a website giving glowing reviews, but some can be hesitant to give you any of the clients to talk to. If in any doubt insist on speaking to previous clients that can give you an honest assessment of the company’s work.

Does the designer require the entire fee up front?

You agree the design requirements and fee, pay up front only to find a couple of weeks later contact starts to dry up. Most reputable firms will only require a percentage of the fee up front as a deposit. With the balance to be paid in the agreed time. For example we ask for 50% of the fee with 25% to be paid after the initial design is approved and the final 25% on completion of the project.

Is the deal too good to be true? Check the hidden charges!

You should always try and get a good price for the work you need but sometimes the deal is just too good to be true. You see an advert for a full website at just £99, sounds great. You buy the package, your website is done and you launch your site. You then find a form doesn’t work, so they charge you a fee to fix it. You need an image altering, so they charge you to fix it. What started off as a great price, could soon spiral to £100’s more. Always check what is included in your design package and that there are no hidden charges or nasty surprises.

Your designer has no background in Marketing, Social Media, SEO etc

Your web designer presents you with a lovely design but fails to realise that the way it is designed will not do well in conversions (getting people to sign up and/or buy from you). The way it is designed could mean that it will not list well in Google and other Search Engines which are vital to your website. Always check their experience in the Marketing, Social Media and SEO.

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