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Choosing the Right Web Hosting

One of the vital things you need to get your website up and running, is a good web hosting service. Web hosting is an essential part of your web presence and choosing the wrong web host could have a huge negative effect on both your website and business.

Here are a few top tips in choosing the right web hosting for you :

1. Packages
Doing plenty of research is essential when it comes to web hosting. When visiting each web host, make notes of what each web host has to offer so you can compare them all. Many will offer similar services but they will all be packaged up differently.

2. Pricing
The price is another main factor in the decision making of finding your web hosting provider. However, it should always be secondary and NEVER primary to your decision. Quality should always become before the cost, on saying that, a high priced hosting service does not automatically mean that you will get a high quality service. It goes without saying that you should NEVER choose a free hosting service to host your business website.

3. Customer Service
You should never choose a hosting provider that does not guarantee a 24 hour service and support help desk. It is crucial that there is always someone available should anything happen such as a crash. The last thing you will want is your website going down on a Friday evening and having to wait until 9am on a Monday morning for some one to look at the issue.

4. Benefits
So many companies offer a 30 day money back guarantee, where the entire amount you paid is refunded to you, should you be unhappy with the service which they provided. Other benefits web hosting providers offer are 99.9% uptime, 100% power back up and in many cases a free, no obligation trial of their services.

5. Reviews
There are many genuine review websites out there where you can get trusted customer reviews and honest feedback about various service providers. You should always look through these reviews before making your final decision.

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